Soul and Pain, a poem

Soul and Pain.

Here we are again,

A dying planet and a line of willful morons

Humping their hands while complaining about the better sex.

No game, and they won’t shut up about it.

Our so called leaders are afraid to lead

Because they might not be leaders anymore if they do.

Complacency is safer than action only if you’re rich.

Sex and violence and sexual violence.

Two souls comrades butchered in the streets.

Lynchings protected by badges and city hall.

Soul and pain.

21st century lies and truth.

Soul and pain.


A blunt, personal argument in favor of #Medicare4All

Needless to say for those who have been keeping track, I am a strong supporter of Medicare for All and of socialized medicine.

These people will also remember that I was in a car accident last year, where I lost my ability to walk for months and, oh yeah, I almost died btw.

It should also be noted that my grandfather had Alzheimer’s and my father has a chronic blood condition.

I don’t think it is surprising that I feel very strongly about healthcare.

With all of that said, I think if you are against Medicare for All, then you are a terrible person.

I don’t have a coherent, intellectual point to make here. I just want people to know that I think people who put finances ahead of humanity are worse than scum, and that didn’t used to be a controversial stance but apparently it is now. When did it become not okay to call selfish idiots what they are, selfish idiots!?

Every person whose first concern is “How are we going to pay for it?” when we discuss Medicare for All, I just want to fucking slap them in the face while wearing a giant ring!

Real talk folks, I would be dead, I repeat, I would be DEAD, if it was not for Medi-CAL. If it was not for my states form of socialized medicine I would be a corpse.

Again, I repeat, because of SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, I am still alive. Idgaf how we pay for assuring everyone care but I’m pretty sure if we can afford to increase military spending by $700 billion a year we can muster up the funds for Medicare. Senators Cory Booker, Liz Warren, and Kamala Harris weren’t worried about how we pay for every increase to Trump’s military spending that they voted for, but now that we are talking about spending money on helping people instead of building bombs, suddenly we have to start being thrifty!?

When I hear “How do we pay for it?” What I really hear is “Money is a bigger concern to me than your human life.” Or I hear “I’d rather spend it on bombs.”

Human beings should not be allowed to have such a point of view.

I will not play nice nor be civil when it comes to accessing healthcare. Be it for the elderly, the disabled, for access to abortion, or for my own treatment. I refuse to be nice about what is a human right. Fuck the monetary mindset, it needs to be eradicated. I spit on anyone who is more concerned with capital and spending than with the sick and dying.

Give me my Medicare! Give me my socialized medicine! Give me my life you bastards!

Call the Abortion Bans what they are, FASCISM!

In this episode on my video blog I try to make the point that I have been making on my blog ever since Trump was elected.

The abortion bans that are being passed in places like Alabama and Georgia are evidence of one thing, fascism is not “on the rise” in America, it is already here.

We here arguments made all the time that Trump is Hitler or Mussolini. Cody Johnson makes the excellent point however that while there are parallels between these fascists and Donald Trump we need to remember that fascism wont look like it did in Hitler’s Germany or Mussolini’s Italy, it will look like Trump’s America.

This is a true statement, George Carlin said it best before he passed, “When fascism comes to America it will not be in storm trooper uniforms and black leather boots, it will come wearing Nike shoes and smily face t-shirts.” He could have easily just said tacky red baseball caps.

That said the parallels between our fascist state and ones of the past are growing, and none are made more evident than in the abortion bans.

Every major right wing controlled state has instituted bans on abortion on demand, Italy did, Germany did, and now the United States has. The abortion ban is also showing the face of a sad reality of fascism, liberals in power working with the fascists and giving them what they want.

Louisiana’s governor is democrat John Bell Edwards, whose candidacy was endorsed by Hillary Clinton in 2015, has already announced he will break with the Democratic party and sign Louisiana’s abortion ban. Much like how liberals abdicated to Hitler to defeat the communists, or when Chamberlin bent the knee and give Hitler the Sudetenland, so have we seen the so called “resistance” bend to fascist whims.

Call the abortion ban what it is, fascism. We can no longer pretend that fascism is just a “growing problem” in the United States. We need to accept the harsh reality that it is here. We live in a state where elected officials are literally assaulting the press (see my post about Montana’s special election last year.). We live in a state where the so called “resistance” is not only willing to work with the enemy but bend to their whims. But worst of all, we live in a state where laws controlling a human body can be passed. All of these things existed in Germany and Italy circa 1939, and now they are apart of America’s way of life.

Call these bans for what they are, fascism.

Why Liz Warren should have gone on Fox News

Elizabeth Warren turned down an invitation from Fox News to do a candidate town hall, calling the “news” station out for their blatant hate speech and for “giving a megaphone,” to racists.

While Warren is right that the fake news network is a homing beacon to the vomit inducing white right, she has lost an opprotunity to gain serious political capital by rejecting their invitation.

Now I want to stress this point before I go any further, Warren is not obliged to go on Fox News. To be honest any leftist or anyone who leans left is not obligated to take the baited hook that right wingers like Fox News or Ben Shapiro throw. “Debate me!”

Warren is also one hundred percent right about the station’s explicit racism and implicent enabling of violent white supremacy.

However, Warren has shot herself in the foot once again, like she did when she released that racist DNA test and when she endorsed Hillary Clinton. This would have been Warren’s opprotunity to save face with the white and rural voters who are so quick to reject her for the connections she made in her career to Obama and Hillary Clinton. If she had taken this town hall she could have used it as a platform to go into the heart of the belly of the beast and take down the harmful talking points against her policies, much like how Bernie did.

Bernie went into the belly of the beast, knife in hand, and came out holding the monster’s heart to the sky. When the anchor was bested by his own baiting question about government run healthcare, it was check mate for Bernard Sanders.

Bernie’s town hall gave him a huge degree of political capital. Overnight one of Fox News’ most idiotic talking points was defeated, “Most people don’t want government run health care,” they like to say. Yet with a simple cheering of the crowd and Bernie on the receiving end, the station has now been forced to scramble and rethink its rhetoric.

That is a key to winning in the art of war, keep your enemy confused, and make no mistake, we are in a class war.

This is the chance that Warren has thrown away, the chance to let Fox News own itself, as the kids would say, and come out the other end victorious and validated. By refusing the invitation, she has only played into the fodder that democrats cannot speak to Fox News base, and that fodder will cost her in the long run should she actually win the nomination.

Warren is right, Fox News is the news station for racists. However you do not end racism by running away from it. Racism ends only when it is confronted. The same with all forms of bigotry and prejudice. Bernie confronted the prejudice that Americans fear big government more than they fear big insurance, and he won. That is something the left is finally getting good at again, winning.

Warren can’t win a fight when she runs away from it.

The Hopeless Radical, a poem

A fearful night,

and a burned bridge freshly smolders.

Such is the life of a hopeless radical.

Less sexy than a hopeless romantic,

but more useful than a hopeless idealist.

Two are ideal hands of the state,

whose hands when pressed against us

create our struggle.

Our struggle,

Our political struggle.

The hopeless radical knows

that identity is not solidarity,

and logic cannot fixate on rhetoric.

The pressing hands,

They ignite and explode gaslights

To burn and humiliate us.

This is the life of the hopeless radical,

Of the unbowed optimist.

The state, the struggle,

The hands against us,

And our rhetorical traditions.

This is our life,

The life of the unbowed,

of the unbroken,

of the hopeless radical.

Anti Intellectualism Hurts the Left and Insults the Working Class

I have noticed time and time again at multiple meetings, protests, and other organizational gatherings that there is a haste in several leftists to abandon intellectualism and academics. Either intellectualism is synonymous with whiteness to some of these people or their is this sentiment shared by many leftists that intellectualism is inherently alienating or off putting to the working class.

I reject these notions and I implore my comrades to reject them as well.

I am not unsympathetic to leftists who have a distain for academia and the intellectual jargon that comes with certain avenues of socialist theory, nor am I blind to the exclusion that academics has perpetuated. It is true that academic rhetoric has been used as a tactic for class elevation rather than for the improvement of ones community. To put it blutnly, people under our current capitalist system view education as a method for moving up the class scale. Instead of a degree being a symbol of your knowledge it is often used as a symbol of your class.

There is also a predominance of white supremacy in all, and I repeat all, institutions born under a capitalist system. This includes our schools, universities and even our unions and leftist organizations. As such the intellectualism that is attached to these things has a predominate tendency to enable white supremacy and I am sympathetic to that fact as well.

However the notion I reject is that the working class are incapable of comprehending intellectualism, that in order of our programs to be considered “accessible” they must be dumbed down. This is the notion I reject. One reason I reject this is because distain for academia is a right wing value, and in turn enabling distain for it by the left is a validation of a right wing talking point. Our job as leftists is too disprove the right wing, not validate it. “The poor are to stupid to organize and rise up,” is an inherently capitalist right wing sentiment and when we perpetuate the idea that the working class cannot comprehend intellectual topics or jargon then we are validating this sentiment.

What is even worse is that distain for intellectualism insults the working class. “Intellectual” should not be equated with “inaccessible.” I do think this is where most leftists are coming from when they express annoyance with intellectualism. It is not that they have a distain for intellectualism itself, but rather it is that they want our program and interpretation of socialism to be as easy to understand as possible in order to foster and build a genuine mass movement. I think that is a fair sentiment.

However, too often than not I see friends and comrades equating the idea of making our work “accessible” with dumbing it down. This is reprehensible. I acknowledge that we need a shift in our jargon, and adaptations to our rhetoric need to be made in order for our socialism to be relevant to the working class of the 21st century, but this does not mean we need to insult the working class in the process. To argue that something is inherently “too intellectual” or “too academic” for the working class is to say that the working class are incapable of complex thought and that intellectualism or academia is too good for the working class.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing, is too good for the working class.

It is also nearsighted to reject intellectualism when you are a leftist organizer because it ignores a very large part about the reality of the 21st century working class. The truth is that most members of the working class today do in fact have some degree of post k-12 education. The existence of the student debt bubble is evidence alone that most people who qualify as “working class” are indeed educated to some degree. Therefore the working class of the 21st century is perfectly capable of intellectualism or of comprehending academic rhetoric because most have already gone through the realms of academia.

My comrades who want to make things like our program and jargon more accessible to the working class are in the right to do so, yet it must be remembered that “accessible” does not mean “dumbed down.” I refuse to insult the very people I want to organize by giving them a program that condescends to them.

It is true that intellectualism has been used to intentionally exclude people, especially non white people. Many of our oppressors have used academics and intellectualism to openly exclude non males and non whites from their ranks. In short, they have used their education and jargon as a method of control rather than as a method of liberation. I think this is another place where our anti academic comrades are coming from when they express distain for intellectualism, and I am sympathetic to this outlook as well.

However I also think that to synonymize intellectualism with whiteness erases the numerous non white intellectuals, such as W.E.B Dubois, bell hooks, Angela Davis, and Cornel West, who have graced us with perspective and theory in manners that are both complimentary to the working class’ capablities AND are accessible to those in the working class who have not undergone a secondary education. We cannot counter erasure with more erasure!

Socialist programs and rhetoric in the 21st century need to adapt, and to adapt they need to be made accessible to the masses. However “accessible” does not have to equal “anti intellectual.” I said it once in this piece and I will say it time and time again until I am dead, nothing is too good for the working class!