Serious Resistance: Why I Joined the Democratic Socialists of America!

“At my first DSA meeting, without even knowing a single person there, I was immediately welcomed into a sphere of like minded people who had the same exact goal as me. They wanted to achieve tangible victories on the local level that were socialist, progressive, and therefore inherently anti Trump. I was both impressed and thrilled to discover such a group existed in my home town. “

The Exhibit, a short story about animatronic dinosaurs and mortality

The state fair always had some of the best attractions, new rides at the causeway, a different type of fried something dipped into something else, and exhibits of art and science from across the state. This year the fair managed to score one of the countries most popular touring attractions, WALK WITH THE DINOSAURS. InContinue reading “The Exhibit, a short story about animatronic dinosaurs and mortality”

The Professional Protester Episode 52 | The Mueller Report Flops

Since it is the talk of the town I would be remiss if I didn’t make another, and hopefully my last, video about Russiagate. To sum it up, I want liberals to realize: 1. All the time spent watching speculative news stories was time that should have been used for organizing. & 2. No matterContinue reading “The Professional Protester Episode 52 | The Mueller Report Flops”

We, a socialist poem

We make the profits. We starve. We make the wealth. We starve. We make you rich. We starve. We are promised rewards. We starve. We are isolated. We starve. We march. We are fed. We rally. We are fed. We have the guillotine. We win. 3/15/19

Chelsea Clinton, Islamophobia and the White Supremacy of American Liberals

To be in a position where you are more concerned with an oppressed person’s delivery of their message rather than with their actual message is the epitome of white privilege and Chelsea Clinton and her supporters fail to see that.

A Step Over Me, a socialist poem about the unhoused

How else will you get into the coffee shop?
You’ll have to step over me.
A lump or a mound of garbage,
To you that is what I appear to be.

The Professional Protester Episode 51 : Reparations Must Be More Than a Single Transaction Recently Bernie Sanders caught some flak when Julian Castro “called him out” on his comments on reparations. Bernie said reparations has to be more than just “writing a check.” Julian Castro countered with “Why wouldn’t you want to compensate people who were property?” Putting aside that this completely misrepresents what Bernie ACTUALLY said, IContinue reading “The Professional Protester Episode 51 : Reparations Must Be More Than a Single Transaction”

Socialists, Communists, Anarchists of the World, PUT OUT THAT LIGHT!

We are leftists, we are not talking points to be used as fodder for pundits who are out of touch with the realities of living in our modern, vampiric economy. We know what we are and what we are not and we cannot, must not, let those outside of our ranks be the ones who define us.

False Flags, a socialist poem

False flags, Do they wrap the coffins of martyrs in fake news? Dying children, Pipe bombs and alienated labor, all because of misinformation. Get help or get a gun but only turn it on yourself. Life is not black and white but our options sure are. The literary gatekeepers say they want “edge.” They wantContinue reading “False Flags, a socialist poem”

The Professional Protester Episode 50 | Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Private Prisons As a white person I am hesitant to say who is and is not an authority on the subject of racial justice. With that said in this weeks video I make the case that Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg is not to be trusted on the subject, especially in the wake of the announcement thatContinue reading “The Professional Protester Episode 50 | Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Private Prisons”

#Breaking: No Charges Against Officers Who Murdered Stephon Clark

After almost a year since his death, Sacramento District Attorney Ann Marie Schubert announced that no charges will be filed against the officers who murdered Stephon Clark. The community of Sacramento responded.