The Professional Protester | Foucault Doesn’t Hold Up In this episode I take a minute to dive into my long forgotten favorite topic, next to film, literary theory. Namely, I just talk for 5 minutes about why I think post structuralism isn’t a thing and why we can probably move on from Michel Foucalt.

What to expect from this blog going forward?

In my pursuit to produce more content and write as much as possible, I’m starting a new regiment with this blog and I am launching a patreon. Every Monday I will post a new video. Every Wednesday I will post either a new poem, flash fiction, or short story. Every Sunday I will post aContinue reading “What to expect from this blog going forward?”

My Case for #Bernie2020 Part II

Please be sure to read the first part of my Bernie 2020 argument here. I support Bernie Sanders and his 2020 candidacy. I am also one of the first people to admit he is not perfect, and by “not perfect” what I mean is that I do agree with certain people that he has takenContinue reading “My Case for #Bernie2020 Part II”

The Professional Protester Episode 48 Don Cheadle Recently, Don Cheadle made some noise with his choices of clothing on SNL. In his opening monologue he wore a shirt reading “Protect Trans Children” a commendable message that everyone should support. However, his choice of clothing at the end of the show was not only alienating to leftists, but it was grossly misinformed.Continue reading “The Professional Protester Episode 48 Don Cheadle”

The Professional Protester Episode 47 Do Not YAAS QUEEN Pelosi I would like to remind my followers that Pelosi clapped, unironically, when Trump said America will never be socialist. I would also like to remind you all that her voting record has been one of international interventionism, she prevented previous sessions of congress from censuring or impeaching George W Bush, and she has alsoContinue reading “The Professional Protester Episode 47 Do Not YAAS QUEEN Pelosi”

DSA at the CPUC to Nationalize PG and E Recently, myself and other comrades from the Democratic Socialists of America spoke at the Utilities Commission’s public meeting to demand justice for the lives ended by PG&E’s negligence. We also made it clear that a PG&E would be a slap in the face by all those who have died or lost their homes toContinue reading “DSA at the CPUC to Nationalize PG and E”


Before he was Captain Jean-Luc Piccard, Before he was Professor Xavier, Before he was Stan Smith’s boss, He was the greatest revolutionary of the early 21st century. So after seeing this, who else is going to hunt down a copy of Fall of Eagles? I sure am. Enjoy comrades! 🙂

People Can Be Products, A Socialist Poem

People Can Be Products Who are we but products? Products of our time and place? Dare what questions are such to be asked? Asked and then asked again! Trivial though it be, meaning is always the goal, the objective, the end. Are we just products? Products of anger, reaction, of hate, Or are we somethingContinue reading “People Can Be Products, A Socialist Poem”