“Happy” Election Day, VOTE! My Personal Endorsements

It’s election day, so VOTE while you remember that voting is not a panacea. Our problems will not all be fixed at the ballot box, but the ballot box is a front on the class war and only a terrible general forsakes any front.

So vote, vote, vote! In the spirit of the day I though it might be a good idea to list my endorsements for the propositions in the California elections.

Before we proceed please note these are MY PERSONAL ENDORSEMENTS, they are not the official endorsements of any group I am affiliated with.

Nor will I be taking an official stance or endorsement on every proposition, I am focusing my energy on the races that will most likely effect the most marginalized people where I live.


The Gas Tax is regressive, this is true, however their is no language in the proposition about what will be the replacement revenue source for California’s ongoing and already underfunded infrastructure repair.


The fact that for-profit dialysis clinics even exist is disgusting to me. If these things are going to operate in the state then a cap on their profits must be implemented. Such profit caps mean that these companies will have to refund some of their profits to their employees and customers, which means an increased movement of money which can only benefit the economy.


Costa-Hawkins is one of the most uneconomical and undemocratic laws to exist in California. To rob localities of their own ability to regulate their own markets is the epitome of that blatant lack of democracy. Where I live, Sacramento, has the fastest climbing rent rates in the nation, which is causing displacement and homelessness that is disproportionally effecting people of color. My city needs meaningful rent control, something that is hindered by the existence of Costa-Hawkins. Prop 10 is one of the most important things to vote on in this election.


This is blatantly anti worker and just plain dangerous. To keep EMT’s on call during their break time will rob them of energy and cause them to perform poorly. I was in a car wreck in March and if my EMT’s had not been well rested I might not have gotten out of that destroyed car so easily. Give workers their breaks, especially the people whose job is to save lives.

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