Self Care (a poem)

Self Care Self care, Not selfish. It is not self care to not care. Self care, Not escapism. It is not self care to ignore it. Self care, Another radical term, Coopted by soccer-moms and aging Deadheads. Self care, Not an excuse. It is not self care, It is in no way care, To letContinue reading “Self Care (a poem)”

Communism Will Win (a poem)

Fascism is alive and well in the U.S.A. Conservatives and Liberals took us to hell, And took our freedom away. Communism will win, Then freedom can begin, And forever shall it stay.

IPAs were invented because of racism, and 5 other facts to Ruin IPA day

Microbrews are all the rage, and it seems that every major super market and corner liquor store is stocked up on them, especially IPAs, a beer that is so thick with hops you can practically chew it as you drink one. In the sprit of their popularity, and the fact that it’s IPA day, hereContinue reading “IPAs were invented because of racism, and 5 other facts to Ruin IPA day”

Rare footage of Trotsky Speaking English, Denouncing Stalin

I try to avoid the whole personality cult thing, but I have to say it is so cool to hear him actually speak. Trotsky was right about many things, wrong about some, but right about most. 😉

A Poem For The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court Was the worst of sort Who fucked things up big time. Janus and Dred Scot I kid you not Proved that they are swine.

The Time Has Come (a poem dedicated to antifascist fighters!)

The time has come, The end of generational ignorance is near. Revolution. There is no more denying, No more procrastination, For procrastination is the rebel’s enemy. There is no more time to waste, Revolution Is a formula. A formula of transcendence, A guide to peace, To march, To victory.

The Internationale in Chinese & French

A beautiful and rocking version of the most inspiring song there is! Communism will win comrades!

Who is afraid of the DSA anyway? Join us!

Who is afraid of the Democratic Socialists of America? Let’s review, shall we? 4. THE NRA Wayne Lapierre gave us a shout out at the C.P.A.C. conference in February 2018 calling our college contingent, the Young Democratic Socialists of America, a threat. Thanks to his public “warning” to conservatives, the DSA’s membership grew by 100Continue reading “Who is afraid of the DSA anyway? Join us!”