#Breaking: Sacramento DA puts up fence, Officers who killed Stephon Clark back on duty

Sacramento District Attorney Marie Ann Schubert responded to four weeks of protests outside her office by erecting a fence around the DA building. The protests were hosted by Black Lives Matter Sacramento demanding that the officers who shot Stephon Clark be fired and prosecuted. For the last two weeks the protests have taken the form of a public picnic that focused on feeding the community while demanding justice for black lives. Last Thursday two black women were arrested outside her office at one of these events, one of them endured abuse while in holding at the Sacramento County Jail because they were trans.

Schubert responded to the month of protests with a press conference saying she “would not be swayed” by public demonstrations.

News of the fence broke just hours after it became public that the officers who shot Stephon Clark, TERRENCE MERCADAL AND JARET ROBINET, have been allowed back on duty. Within 24 hours of that news breaking, Stephon Clark’s brother Stev’ante Clark was arrested and held without bail.

Stephon Clark marks the 22nd death by police violence since Schubert took office. No officer has been charged or prosecuted during that time.

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