Sacramento District Attorney To Be Given Award Despite Over 20 Incidents of Police Brutality and Helping Nazis

Sacramento District Attorney Ann Marie Schubert, up for reelection this year, was to receive an award at the West Steps of the California capital building today from a pro law enforcement group at approximately 10:30 a.m. PST.

This comes just weeks after the shooting of Stephon Clark whose death is what source say was the 22nd on record act of fatal police violence towards a black person in the Sacramento area since 2015. Zero members of the police force have been prosecuted. The same week as the Stephon Clark killing, Schubert accepted over $13,000 in campaign donations from police unions.

District Attorney Schubert, while forsaking the Stephon Clark case, is also pursuing charges against three antifascist protesters who acted in self defense when a Nazi stabbed people at a Sacramento pro Trump rally in June 2016. The Guardian has revealed that local police and her office were working with the Nazi’s to both protect the Nazi’s identities and build up the feeble case they have to prosecute the antifascists.

I am going to repeat that last bit, the top law enforcement agent in the city of Sacramento PROTECTED NAZIS, has prosecuted the police zero times, and today she was to receive an award.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento and it’s supporters were immediately on the scene at the capital enduring intimidation from CHP and Sacramento PD. Black Lives Matter Sacramento has maintained they will not let up on protests until Stephon Clark and others get justice. More actions are coming in the future.

This will mark the third straight week of protests since Stephon Clark, a 22 year old father of two, was shot to death by Sacramento Police in his own backyard.

Photo/Graphic credit – Black Lives Matter Sacramento

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