Protester Hit By Sac Sheriff SUV Caught on Video Getting Kicked Out of City Council, So What?

Newsradio KFBK 1530am released a video of Wanda Cleveland being ejected from a Sacramento City Council meeting over a year ago. Wanda Cleveland was the protester who was run down by a Sacramento Sheriff’s SUV at a vigil for Stephon Clark last Saturday.

So the question remains, why the hell does a year old video of an unrelated incident justify the Sacramento Sheriff running over a 61 year old woman? Trick question, it doesn’t.

Further I personally have been kicked out of Sacramento City Council meetings three out of the last 4 times I set foot in the chambers. The tone of people like Steve Hansen and Mayor Steinberg is so unbelievably pompous and out of touch that it is almost impossible not to lose your temper in those meetings. But more to the point Newsradio never mentioned that the cause for such outrage from people like Cleveland or myself has been acts of blatant ablism, racism, and classism by the Sacramento City Council and Police or Sheriff Departments.

The point is, yelling at a city council meeting is not justification for running over someone with an SUV at a peaceful vigil and you are a moron if you think it does.

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