I Hate Joe Kennedy III

Joe Kennedy III is everything wrong with the DNC put into human form.

We’ll ignore the fact that the people calling him the future of the Democratic Party are the same people who crucified Bernie Sanders for being a white straight man running against Hillary Clinton, we’ll even forget the fact he is a goddamn trust fund kid who accepts money from big Pharma and the health industry while most people his age live pay check to paycheck and cannot afford health care because of his votes against Medicare for all. We’ll ignore that he is not in favor of cannabis legalization and has no problem letting the racist, one sided drug war to continue.

We’ll ignore all of that and just focus on the rest of his shitty record;

He voted to allow concealed carry permits across state lines in a time when mass shootings are an epidemic.

He voted to table impeachment proceedings for Trump, so apparently the Democrats will do everything to hold Trump accountable except for the one thing that could actually hold him accountable. By the way according to former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Trump could be impeached for over 20 different offenses by now, but you are right Joe, it’s not the right time. *Insert eye roll emoji here please my dear reader.

He voted for sanctions against Iran.

He voted for removing anti trust exemption for insurance providers. I don’t know what the fuck that means but Trump agrees with it so it can’t be good.

He abstained from voting on the tax overhaul.

He has taken $12,000 from Lockheed Martin, one of the top beneficiaries from Trumps $700 billion military spending increase.

Did I mention he is anti weed?

Joe Kennedy III, fuck you, I hate you. You never worked a damn day in your life, no son of a millionaire ever has. Fuck off Joe!

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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