I Hate Joe Kennedy III

Joe Kennedy III is everything wrong with the DNC put into human form. We’ll ignore the fact that the people calling him the future of the Democratic Party are the same people who crucified Bernie Sanders for being a white straight man running against Hillary Clinton, we’ll even forget the fact he is a goddamnContinue reading “I Hate Joe Kennedy III”

Uncharted Part One

OF BEAST AND MAN Seemingly Obligatory note from the “author” Editors, lawyers, and publishers can be real spoiled sports, and some people just can’t seem to handle criticism these days. So in short, to cover my ass, the asses of those I love, I have changed the names of certain parties and institutions. To beContinue reading “Uncharted Part One”

The Truth About Charter Schools

Charter schools are agents of the school to prison pipeline, their lack of regulations make it almost impossible to actually teach, and their treatment of teachers is inexcusable.