My Lunch With A Juggalo

Life is for the living. You have to do things for the sake of learning, and for the story to tell for the rest of your life. Those are two of the reasons why I participated in “National Take A Juggalo To Red Lobster Day.” Yes, there really is no way to beat around theContinue reading “My Lunch With A Juggalo”

Uncharted, Part Three

No Hable Ingles If you are anything like me Dear Reader you faked your way through most of your high school classes. For me that was especially true for Spanish. I should have failed every single Spanish class I ever took, how I horse shitted my way to getting passing grades each and every timeContinue reading “Uncharted, Part Three”

Uncharted, Part Two

“Mr I need help with the uterus,” Not long after my first day at Youth Built I was subjected to what easily counts as one of the worst work days of my teaching career, if not my entire life. Once again I was to be introduced to the workings of another Red Dot school. IContinue reading “Uncharted, Part Two”