Say it ain’t so Coco : Why Conan’s Trip To Israel is Unforgivable  

Recently Conan O’Brien, someone who I have long been a fan of and whose videos I have shared frequently on this blog, has broken my heart and permantely lost my fandom.

The state of Israel is guilty of apartheid and a dangerously high number of Israelis now support the idea of “ethnic cleansing.” In the last 15 years the IDF have killed countless Lebonese and Palestinian civilians, in 2005 alone the total exceeded 1,000.  The current Gaza and West Bank occupations are illegal and violations of international treaties that were set in precendent by both Palestine AND Israel.  The IDF has a history of arresting children, seperating them from their families and even forcing them to endure rape and molestation.  Do not even let me begin to talk about the sexual abuse that goes on in the Israeli Army.  

These are just some of the issues I have with the state of Israel.  Do not misunderstand me, I have Jewish family and as a Pole 4 million of my people were casualties of the Holocaust.  I am in no way against the idea of a Jewish state.  However Israeal is not the Jewish faith, and Zionism is not Jeudism, we must never forget that.

A simple trip to Israel during such a contentious time is one thing, but to use your media celebrity, your commercial network, and your credibility to make light of a state that is guilty of so many human rights violations? That is just unforgivable.  It is only one dimension and layer of how problematic this trip and segment is Mr. O’Brien.  Also, the fact that you made this trip at a time when the debate about Boycott Divestment and Sanctions against Israel is so fervrant is less than subtle.  

So in summary, Conan O’Brien, until you apologize to the Palestinian people and renounce the IDF, I will never forgive you or watch your show again.

Published by James J Jackson, Jr

I'm a poet and leftist political organizer from Sacramento, CA.

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