Heather Heyer Did Not Die For Liberalism!

The complacency and liberalism I’m seeing, even from people in my own group of family and friends, reacting to Charlottesville is disgusting and infuriating. The organizers are bragging about mowing down communists, I can very easily get killed just showing up for a leftist cause, and so many of you are silent! Or you compare me and my comrades to nazis just because we’re loud! Or worse you act like you’re woke as fuck because your sad about Heather dying but then you use her death as political capital for shitty politicians like Jim Cooper or Darrel Steinberg! Then you act surprised that it got this bad when we have been fucking warning you from the beginning that this would happen! You remember all those “Is Trump a fascist” stuff we were posting from the election? What, did you think that was just for the lulz!? Do you remember the “My African American over there,” comment? Or how about before he ran for office when he said, “The only jews I like are the ones counting my money.” And you keep acting surprised that this happened! You keep acting like holding up signs with hearts on them and going “Love Trumps Hate” will actually solve anything when it’s the communists, socialists, and anarchists who are doing anything to actually scare away fascism. What happened in Boston yesterday I guarantee you was not thanks to liberals like Tina Fey or The Resistance but because of Answer Coalition, because of DSA, because of the Antifas. Socialists and Nazis are NOT the same, they never will be, and liberalism will never be the answer to combating fascism.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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