My Old High School Is Racist As Hell

 I don’t know how someone of any race dips their toes into the topic of anti-black racism without first looking at themselves. Yet at the same time I do not want to co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement and make this about myself. In any case, tackling one’s white privilege is never an easy, cookieContinue reading “My Old High School Is Racist As Hell”

Aphorism 15

Being on the right side of history usually means at some point you will end up on the wrong side of the law.

Heather Heyer Did Not Die For Liberalism!

The complacency and liberalism I’m seeing, even from people in my own group of family and friends, reacting to Charlottesville is disgusting and infuriating. The organizers are bragging about mowing down communists, I can very easily get killed just showing up for a leftist cause, and so many of you are silent! Or you compareContinue reading “Heather Heyer Did Not Die For Liberalism!”

Poems & Other Shit is retired, welcome to the Professional Protester.

I want to thank all of my followers for sticking with me for so long. I also want to assure people the asthetic of the blog will more or less stay the same.  However to better consolidate my work I have renamed my blog.  This will still be the place where I publish my poetry,Continue reading “Poems & Other Shit is retired, welcome to the Professional Protester.”