Why I left the “Resistance” and so should you….

The following is a copy and paste of my most recent Facebook status:

I’m leaving the Resistance Sac/Elk Grove group. It is not enough to just be anti Trump and there is nothing radical about supporting corporate Dems like Ken Cooley, Ami Bera, or Kamila Harris, unless they are vocally voicing support for radical policy. There is too much blind support of Dems in this group and the so called “Resistance.” I do not deny the importance of resisting Trump and I encourage this group to continue to move forward in doing so. However for me it’s not enough to just resist Trump, we must revolt against him. I also think that too many people in this group are in denial about what is splitting the left. It is not radicals seeking to primary incompetent Dems, it is the supporters of these incompetent Dems who still put party before people, who still buy into lies forced onto us by our reactionary opponents (i.e. the police are mostly good, party loyalty is important etc) I’m sorry but I felt I had to voice these concerns. I hope everyone in this group continues to fight Trump as I will continue to do so. However note that if you think this fight is over when we put a Dem back in office, then you are just as much a part of the problem as Trump. Trump is guilty, but so is the whole damn system.

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