The one thing in Trump supporter’s defense

I am not the first person to defend any Trump supporter. In fact I am probably the first person to declare they are human vermin (I refer you to my twitter and FB). However I have noticed a current trend with those in the resistance as the reality of Trump’s character comes to light for everyone to see.

It is no secret that as his policies are unveiled, some of those effected most by Trump’s choices are Trump supporters themselves. Meals on wheels recipients in rural America, medicare recipients, white women, coal and trade unions etc, are all some of the most effected by Trump’s abisimal budget and policy. Yet what I also notice is that people in the resistance seem to be savoring this defeat of Trump supporters. I put it to all of us that this is not a good idea.

I am not defending the decision of anyone for supporting Trump, what I am saying is that those of us in the resistance fighting to stop his policies have to fight for all the people negatively effected by them, and that includes the very people who voted for him to.  We do not get to pick and choose who we stand up for in the realms of those effected by fascist policy. If we only stand for the people who agreed with us from the beginning we in fact play into the fodder of the people who feel enabled by leaders like Trump.  We must not relish in the pain of anyone effected by Trump, even if they are some of the people who gave us Trump in the first place.

So do not savor the pain of the “suckers” in West Virginia who are about to lose healthcare. Do not laugh when you see that woman on CNN say, “What if it was your Momma?”  Yes, they must answer for why they decided to enable such a racist sexist bigot, but the pain they feel from what Trump is doing is just as real as the pain of the people who were warning about him in the first place.  It is on them to realize they got played, and it is on us in the resistance to understand we do this for everyone, not just the people on our side.


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