Dear People “Not supporting Trump” who are actually supporting Trump,

Dear People “Not supporting Trump” who are actually supporting Trump,

What I mean by that is I am addressing the people who are espousing this moderate perspective about Trump’s presidency.

The people who are saying, “I don’t like Trump, but you shouldn’t want a president to fail because that means we all fail.”

Or, “Look, I don’t like Trump either but it’s more important for us to be united.”

And etc.  I am talking to you.

I have to be blunt, you people piss me off more than the blatantly loud and racist Trump supporters.

Listen, I understand what you are doing, you just want everyone to be happy and for all this anger and screaming and frustration to just go away. Well I got news for you, things don’t just go away because of inaction, and wanting to keep everyone appeased always ends in disaster.  Segregation did not end because people wished for the best, it ended because people blocked freeways, got attacked by police and dogs, and filled jails to the brim with mothers, students, and school children. And to those who just want us to “unite”  no matter what I have a name for you I think you need to refresh from Freshman history; Neville Chamberlin.

That is all.


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