If You Are…

If you are black,

  your life matters to me.

If you are a woman,

  a man,

  or any gender or name,

  you are safe at night with me.

And if you are catcalled, raped, violeted or touched,

Reach out to me, 

and I will remind you just how strong you are.

You don’t have to take this shit anymore.

If you are trans,

and they come after you,

you can pee with me.

If you are gay and you still cant be with who you love

or be treated as equal

you are not forgotten.

If Nafta, debt, or capitalism left you dead in anyway,

inside or out,

you have a commrade in me.

If you are Muslim,

you are not a terrorist.

I will never let you be harassed.

And to you cowards,

you wimps and idiots,

fuck you.

 I am not afraid.

Your yells and your insults

Your guns, Ha esspecially your guns,

and your bullets, they are pathetic.

I am not afraid to die.

Each bullet will be worth looking you in the eye just to say

“You are still a loser.”

You always will be to.

I am not afraid of anything,

except what scum like you are doing to the children.

If you voted for him I am not afraid to give you the fight

you claim you can handle.

Enjoy no vindication moron, because you will be destroyed.

You will never succeed beyond one stupid day.

But if you were a victim of that day, know the grace

the money

and the privilege I have,

 I’ve thrown it in the fire

so we may burn fascism at the stake together.

If you were like me you know there is always an annoying little thing

that sings in all our ears called hope.

If you are like me you know there is no such thing as the end.

If you have a coat of fur

or a flesh of scales,

you will not perish so long as I walk the earth.


If you are on the sidelines still, 

if this is still the matter of a toss of a coin,

fuck off and die,

because  you are in our way,

and we have the enemy in our sights.

11/8/2016 11pm PST

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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