My final endorsement, seriously, for real this time, maybe…

Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook knows that I am the kind of person who lacks subtly when expressing my political opinion.  I am only explicit and anyone friends with me during this election has been front row to a roller coaster of emotion.  First, I was jaded and complacent that Hillary wouldContinue reading “My final endorsement, seriously, for real this time, maybe…”

Election 2016: as explained by elevator etiquette 

Clinton is the kind of person that wont hold the elevator door open because its awkward to ride in the elevator with a stranger. Its like “yeah thats shitty but considering that elevators suck can I really judge her?” Where as Trump is the prick who will actually press the door close button. I thinkContinue reading “Election 2016: as explained by elevator etiquette “


Its one thing to be fair to both sides of a legitimate political discourse. It is a totally different matter when you legitimize something with absolutely no legitimacy, like Donald Trump.  Jimmy Fallon, you fucked up. I will not watch anything from NBC until you apologize for this unforgivable fuck up.  No Seth Meyers, noContinue reading “#BoycottNBC”