ATTENTION CITY OF LOS ANGELES!In the next election for Mayor DO NOT I repeat DO NOT vote for Steve Barr. He is a charter school activist who started a company called Green Dot Schools and they are single handedly the worst schools I have ever taught at. DO NOT VOTE FOR STEVE BARR! He is supported by people who want to GET RID of ELECTED school boards! I have no idea who else is running, just vote for anyone but him!


Art is indeed true,

Truth is the ultimatum,

Art is only true.


A little boy is missing half his face in Syria,

A secretary and a TV star are having a battle royale,

it’s for the ratings,

it always has been,

Meanwhile an honest old man follows all the rules

he promises to break,

a little birdie told me he was too honest,

too good for a job where he would have

had to kill.

No, save tyranny for the tyrants our little birdie, 

you are too sweet,

too beautiful.

I would not soil a peakcock feather

by using it as a quil or a knife to stab you in the back.

Our secretary did,

and every president since Berlin fell did,

Now a Syrian boy is missing half his face.

Racists feel legitimized after years of silence,

like a supressed ejaculation.

Speak louder you idiots,

you willful ignorants,

you who still believe our skin or our cocks

define anything but our skin or our cocks.

Ah, but I repeat myself,

and every other social justice artist warrior,


No need to write a poem,

I’m sure someone already created a meme that says it all best

in 140 characters or less.

Want the media to say you’re right,

or that you even exist?

Better put your truth into a soundbite.

Career politicians,

and reality TV stars,

oh the soundbites galore.

The never ending “swing to the left” rhetoric

but always followed with a blinding right hook,

all the same,

and every year.

“Liberals” are cowards

LIBERALS are real progressives,

and conservatives are just a waste of sperm and oxygen.

Quite literally now, with every Truck they buy and 

abortion they stop with a Colt or Magnum 45.

Living wastes, 

so what does that make me?

The patron saint of pointing out 

the obvious.

Here is the obvious goddamnit,

a Vietnamese girl still has burn scars

and no clothes,

and a Syrian boy is missing half his face.


What a sight,
Glits and Glamour,

Spotlights in the sky at night.

Welcome to Hollywood,


Welcome to Hollywhite.

Chinese or Indian,

We have make up for that.

Black or Spanish,

We have a place for that.

Hepburn, and Damon, Pacino & Johanson,

These are the ones with range.

Whites shall keep the lead here,

Producers don’t want real change.

A women’s chest sells the tickets,

The white man keeps them in their seats.

And when they see the box office,

The forumula can’t be beat.

So welcome to the city of Film and Dreams,

Welcome on this Night,

Welcome my dear friend,

Welcome, to Hollywhite.