Clinton supporters are near sighted fake liberals who put party & rhetoric before the true unity and they should all feel ashamed!!!

The following is a copy and paster of my most recent FB status 

You Clinton supporters fucked everything up, we could have had one of the greatest presidents in history. But you all threw it away for the novelty of having a female president.

AND THEN, you steal his platform😡 and then water it down so there is room for those we are trying to regulate to get around the same regulations🙄 
Also tell me this, Hillary defeats Trump, then what? Is sexism going to end? Are Trump and Alex Jones and their followers going to just vanish in the mist? No, if anything after this election the hate and rhetoric will only get worse. Because you dumbass Clinton supporters will see that voting for a black guy or a woman doesn’t mean anything if they perpetuate the same horseshit rhetoric of their predecessors which creates these racial or gender divides in the first place. There is literally nothing different about Hillary accept she has a vagina. Everything about her presidency will be like Obamas, we break one glass ceiling then the rest of us will be left to sweep up the pieces. And when you do you will realize that race and gender truly mean nothing, because Clinton (like Obama) will show that woman & black people can be just as culturally near sighted and over privileged as any other race or gender. You will then realize that when deciding a leader both factors of skin and sex should be irrelevant and you should look at policy ONLY. THEN, the lack of Bernie buyer remorse will slap you across the face, hard. And I will be there wearing my “Bernie Fucking Sanders” t shirt, and I will laugh. 
There, now Clinton supporters stfu and get to work, we’re losing already and we just had the convention.


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