The Case for a Sanders Vice Presidency (no seriously)

Yes, I am with my fellow Berners in that we all feel this is a sad day.  Bernie Sanders has conceeded, he will not be the president in 2017, that is a fact we must accept.  We must also accept the reality of our situation with Hillary Clinton.  No, I am not a fan and I would greatly prefer Sanders leading the ticket.  But what I take solace in there does seem to be zero chance of a Trump presidency and it is not insignificant that we are about to elect a woman to the presidency, a long overdue cultural statement to the world.  Let’s just be clear that voting for someone and supporting someone don’t have to be the same things.

But moving on, if Hillary Clinton reads the current political climate well, she will see that having Sanders on her ticket can only help her.  Clinton risks alienating up to 70% of currently registered millenials if she does not ensure Sanders’ agenda will be on her ticket.  I think we can all agree that alienating almost a whole generation would create unnecessary complications for her administration.  Also, I realize some people will settle for nothing less than Sanders leading the party, to them I make this appeal.  I realize to some Sanders as Clinton’s VP would be seen as a sell out, yet to the politically aware of his supporters we see how this is a significant victory.  Sanders as VP would mean his perspective and integrity would be second in command, and within earshot, to Hillary’s take no prisoners strength.  AND, I hate to be so callous but fuck it here it goes, having Sanders literally be one bad day away from the presidency is a, dare I say it one last time, yuuuuge deal. 😉

So Berners, don’t look at this as the end. And Secretary Clinton, for the love of god, MAKE SANDERS YOUR RUNNING MATE OR YOU WILL MAKE YOUR PRESIDENCY MUCH HARDER THAN IT HAS TO BE!


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