Trump pissing you off? DNC corruption got you down? Harassed by debt collectors?

Well then… Here is a video of Jackie Chan singing “I’ll make a Man Out of You,” from the film Mulan, in Cantonese.

You’re welcome.


Student thinks I’m mean

Harsh, but they must know I love,

I love my students.

Carlin in the Morning

I feel consistantly obligated to share my evolving and simplfying perspective on the word god.

Do I believe in a physical being who created us in our image, and an afterlife in the heavens?  Hell no, for the same reason I don’t believe in astrology or ghosts, show me the evidence and have a logical argument.  The foundation of all these beliefs are on andecdotal evidence, not legitmate facts, which creates blatant fallacies in their arguments.

That being said, I am not about to burn the Horoscope section of the newspaper nor block people from entering their church of choice, anachronistic though I find both to be I believe in our freedom to whatever we want (as long as its all consenting) is much more important than my personal annoyances.  I also am willing to admit that possibly, though very highly unlikely, I could be wrong.  I’ll bet we are all wrong to be honest, most likely there are stranger things in heaven and earth than is dreamt in our philosophy.

But I can say, that the Idea of God is real and has always been very real because we defined the idea of god by assigning language (the communication of ideas) to what was before just a fluid thought.  Every culture and language throughout mankind has had a word and concept for God.  So in a sense I do believe in God, but I only believe in the idea of God.

Does that make me an atheist? If sticking labels on things makes you feel better I suppose, though I see myself more as a Nihlistix Taoist with Marxist politics.  Ain’t I a barrel of fun?

So with that in mind, here is George Carlin having a spirited debate where both he and the woman  (I didn’t see her name sorry) make very valid points.

This election has me pretty bummed, and when Politics depresses me one man always succeeded in putting the fire back in me.  RIP Carlin, a real rebel.