A Clinton can run a country, but they damn sure can’t bring World Peace.

I know that I have never made my contempt for Hillary Clinton or the GOP a secret.  Though Sec. Clinton deserves praise fir what she has done for American women, I find her countless other policy failures and the blood on her hands enough reason to have reservations about voting for her, god forbid that should have to happen. (Feel the Bern.) But I digress.

I do want to make something clear.  I do not doubt Sec. Clinton’s ability to run the country, BUT this election will make a statement to the world about what kind of a country and culture we will become.  Essentially we currently have 3 options, slowly working it’s way down to 2.  The current three options for our future are as such;

1. Elect ANY conservative or GOP candidate and basically start the fight for civil rights, queer rights, women’s rights, and labor all over again.

2. Elect Ms. Clinton, get some minutely liberal social change that comes at a painfully long slow pace while everything else stays the same.  In other words capitalist war mongering will carry on business as usual.


3. We elect the man who used an omen on the podium to call for world peace.
Those are our options America, we are the world’s super power and we can set the direction of the next millenia. Do we want to start the fight all over again?  Do we want to continue with the blood of asian, african, and middle eastern children on our hands?  Or do we want to say to the world our days of imperialism are over and we are ready for peace?
Those are our options America, choose wisely.


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