Forced Interactions and Social Tedium

Forced interactions,       and bring on will of apology. I do not mean to be crass, nor is my agitation personal. Forced eavesdropping, creating self imposed tedium. The advice of the sages, don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up, but don’t beat them up either,       they doContinue reading “Forced Interactions and Social Tedium”

So Shall Life Carry On

I speak the truth when it comes to the treachery   of images. All artists do so in their constructive lies, negative though it sounds the opposite is true. Self perpetuation on the division of the dialoque. Books upon books missing from invisible shelves, and priorities. The angel headed hipsters are back and they areContinue reading “So Shall Life Carry On”

Dear Secretary Clinton,

Dear  Secretary, Congratulations on your victory. Congratulations on claiming a win when the votes of 3 million were legally barred. Congratulations on Wyoming where you won, even though you didn’t. Congratulations on Arizona where the elderly, the crippled, and others waited in blistering heat, never to have a vote cast. Congratulations on your victories, hollowContinue reading “Dear Secretary Clinton,”

A Clinton can run a country, but they damn sure can’t bring World Peace.

I know that I have never made my contempt for Hillary Clinton or the GOP a secret.  Though Sec. Clinton deserves praise fir what she has done for American women, I find her countless other policy failures and the blood on her hands enough reason to have reservations about voting for her, god forbid thatContinue reading “A Clinton can run a country, but they damn sure can’t bring World Peace.”