Why Clinton will always have a Millenial problem, (pssst spoiler alert, its not just Wall Street)

Sorry Clinton people but she will never win over millennials the way Bernie can because we remember her in 2004 too well. I really want people, especially Hilary supporters, to understand something. DOMA & the Iraq War were my generation’s Vietnam, most of us were coming of age when they were dominant issues, ie developing sexually and becoming conscious of our political situations. when she made those two blunders and I cannot tell you how rampant homophobia became that year, how many of my friends had their lives ruined because they felt their love was wrong, and how many people I have seen come back from Iraq never to know sanity again.That ladies and gentleman is what will determine the votes of my generation for years to come. I feel that people, especially Clinton supporters, should understand that votes for DOMA & the Iraq War literally ruined peoples lives, and while most democrats at the time put political popularity first, Sanders maintained INTEGRITY and stood against these atrocities that molded the perspective of my generation.
I do believe Clinton is on the right side when it comes to LGBT issues, I want that to be clear, but her silence on the issues until 2010 is not forgivable to me. If she does win Im sure she will now do the right things when it comes to those issues but only because it is no longer a political inconvenience to her.
That ladies and gentleman, is why I want Bernie Sanders. I do promise to vote for Clinton if she is the nominee because we must stop the GOP attacks on women, however because of my reasoning above I will not actively campaign for Clinton. (tbh its not like she’ll need it either Im kinda convinced no matter who wins the Dems kind of got this locked)

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