Validation, a poc-mark meaningless of marketing. We shop and our parking is validated by a disillusioned merchant. This dilludes our truth, the epidemic that is seething, seeking of other’s validation. “My Big Fake Breasts! Validate me pigs!” “My freedom to poison, and hate! Validate me society!” “Validate my fear! Validate my anger! Make me valid…”Continue reading “Validation”

Those Eyes

The mantra of the American upstarts, Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes. The eyes belong to someones child. Those eye once cried over a scraped knee. Those eyes once looked at someone and loved them. Those eyes once had a soul behind them. Those eye look down at hands that holdContinue reading “Those Eyes”

We are the Revolution

Ah, to wander lonely like a fool, stuck in ancient, new politic blind. We are a generation of revolution, revisionist in truth and name. We apologize for our slaughter  and will not take kindly to condesending frames. Mistakes humanize authority, but only when there is room for apology. We are the permenant revolution, but weContinue reading “We are the Revolution”

Why Clinton will always have a Millenial problem, (pssst spoiler alert, its not just Wall Street)

Sorry Clinton people but she will never win over millennials the way Bernie can because we remember her in 2004 too well. I really want people, especially Hilary supporters, to understand something. DOMA & the Iraq War were my generation’s Vietnam, most of us were coming of age when they were dominant issues, ie developingContinue reading “Why Clinton will always have a Millenial problem, (pssst spoiler alert, its not just Wall Street)”

Another Pro Bernie Rant #FeeltheBern

Look folks, I actually want to like Hilary, I really do, and I do think she’s unfairly and sexistly criticized. That being said, I can’t. I just can’t support her. I just cant fucking stand her, I find her inconsistent, pompous, out of touch with all demographics accept white women and seniors, overly capitalistic,no politicianContinue reading “Another Pro Bernie Rant #FeeltheBern”