FUCK YOU LYING “Pro Lifers” (May the right wing rot!!!)

If you love guns you are paranoid about something and if you are against abortion you are just an idiot, combine the two and eventually you get bloodshed as we can see. And what’s worse is we enable this violence by letting the idiots, who lied in the first place & continue to encourage this violence, to set the tone of this dialogue. Stop treating idiots with patience, stop acting like people with opinions like Trump or Cruz are your equals. And if you agree with Cruz or Trump on anything or if you think this man was actually “saving babies” you are a fucking idiot and a horrible person. And yes I do think I am better than you and yes I do think I am smarter than you and anything else you have to say to me is irrelevant because you are beneath me and not worth my time. I’ve said it once,I’ll say it again, and I will keep saying that abortion is only good, get your heads out of your asses.


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