Dare I say What God is?  or Losing My Religion (Millenial Remix)

Dare I say what god is?
Well as a poet and a self-inclined philosopher, of course I do.
I believe in god, but as a concept. There has never been any society or culture since the beginning of humankind that did not have a word and concept for what is god.  
With that said, you may ask if I believe in a physical god, or even an afterlife?
No, but I wouldn’t spurn someone’s belief in either as long as they live as a good person and use their belief to better themselves and not oppress other’s individuality.
And with that said, further I must decree I am neither atheist nor christian, I do not feel the depth of my beliefs can be summed up in one simple label of any kind. And here is the other thing, I am not the only one who is this way.  
Millennials are the least religious generation alive today, and the reason is as I stated above. What is one label, one trivial definition for meaning, life, or god, to anyone but the shallow?  
The answer is nothing, it is nothing to people like me, nothing.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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