Dear Fellow Progressives, Be careful about what you choose to attack our rivals on

Dear Fellow Progressives, 
Let’s not shame the Duggars for adultery or Bristol Palin for premarital sex or Kim Davis for being divorced. we are better than that. I know that sounds like Im defending them but I’m not, hear me out; yes they are blatant hypocrites AND you make the situation even worse by attacking people for their sex or marital lives at all because it perpetuates the stigmatization of sex. And don’t get me wrong my whole not stigmatizing sex request goes double for them.  
Look it breaks down like this, there is nothing wrong with however you choose to live your life, but you cant make others live by your standards.

I really don’t judge Duggar for cheating or Davis for her divorces, but I will judge anyone for saying anyone else cant live their life freely, & it doesn’t matter if your liberal or conservative or a part of the goddamn BullMoose party, just don’t stigmatize how other people choose to live their lives. If you want to cheat on your wife/husband, get a divorce, or have sex before marriage have at it, but dont do that then say things like gay marriage is wrong or say you stand for traditional family values. That’s all Im saying.
So instead of focusing on the hypocrisy of those against our progress, focus on the unity that comes with standing with our fellow oppressed souls in solidarity.
PS it is however 100% okay to judge the Duggars for the whole molestation thing, don’t stigmitize sex but pedophiles deserve our scorn, just wanted to make that part clear.


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