Judge Bunning, The Real Hero Who Defeated Kim Davis, and Might Have Saved A Generation

I applaud the couples and their lawyers who did not surrender in the face of hatred and ignorance and fought with the ACLU to see Kim Davis face the court, but truth be told the real hero is the Judge who put her into prison, a judge who put his oath before his self described, “strong religious beliefs.” 

We need to realize the importance of Judge Bunning’s action of putting Kim Davis into custody.  The prosecuting attorneys were NOT seeking jailtime for Ms. Davis, they were seeking civil reprimands of heavy fines.  However the Judge demonstrated sincere judgement and awareness of the situation and the world we live in.  He knew her supporters could easily pay her fines for her with some sort of bigoted gofundme account, the same kinds that kept discriminatory businesses afloat.  He knew that his order had been willfuly disobeyed and that the courts sactity must be upheld, only this time the court’s sacitity is about the common good for once.

I am no fan of our modern justice system, nor any justice system, I feel that I myself actually hold most courts in contempt because I choose not to recognize their authority as I feel they are ideas held together by people perpetuating a dangerous, one sided system, and most of that still holds true.  If Kim Davis was ignoring a court order on any other matter and for any other reason I would actually probably be suppporting her for demonstrating courts are not a real thing but an idea held together by society.  But that has since shanged thanks to Judge Bunning.

What Judge Bunning has showed us by going for a punishment beyond what was asked for is that the courts can be used for good, that our system isnt meant to be a for profit model where men and women are pumped in and out of for profit prisons like a commodity. 

 Judge Bunning has shown that our courts can be used to uphold the good and righteous in our society, because that is what they are for.  Yes, it is scary to think you can be hauled off to jail for ignoring the will of a single person, but if that will is to ensure you follow the law of the land and when that law of the land is about establishing the equality of us all, then elements of the system that are used for evil can be used for good. 

If we can throw a Southern white bureucrat into jail for being willfuly obstructive to the freedom of others, we can use the courts to bring racist, murderous, and bully cops to justice.  If the law of the land can be dictated to include everyone, we can take more steps legally to protect all our other brothers and sisters.  This one act by Judge Bunning goes beyond Kim Davis and the issue of marriage equality, it sends a message to an entire generation that is desperatly seeking a light of hope.  Judge Bunning has given us a light at the end of the tunnel, he has shown us the system can work for us, that the same structures that have been used to hurt us can be turned around and used to help us.

Judge Bunning, you were only doing your job, but you have given an entire nation hope, you have illuminated the disillusioned, and I say thank you.  Thank you for showing that everything we need to make change is already in place, and that its just a matter of how you harness it.

Judge Bunning, thank you for doing your job.


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