Trash of the Gods. ┬áChapter 5 Goodnight, Dude?

One night, a few days before Andy last visited Robert, Robert actually came over to my house.
I never liked having people over, my parents were never rich but we did have more money than my friends, most of whom came from single parent homes and lived in crowded apartments. Robert didn’t seem to care though, in fact he seemed to enjoy being in a more stable environment.
We engaged in our usual activities, literature talks incorporated with a barrage of strong pot and stolen alcohol. We even stole a couple of my father’s vicodins and snorted them. Because of the constant narcotic haze of the evening, the only thing that I truly remember clearly was the last thing before i went to bed.
Robert was to faded to go home and his aunt wouldn’t pick him up anyway. So he crashed at my place.   
As he walked out of my room to stay in our guest room, I said “Goodnight,”, as was the custom in my house, with my family, and I assumed was the normal custom everywhere.
Robert did not respond with the fond “goodnight” as I thought was customary, he merely laughed once, smiled to himself and said, “Okay.” 
Then he closed the door.
I couldn’t tell if he did that because what i said was unexpected, sentimental, or both. Robert was never one for sentiment, our other moronic guy friends probably helped see to that.
But I never could understand why saying goodnight, was something weird to him.  
Soon after Robert got all of andy’s heroine. No one saw Robert for a while. When he resurfaced he was never the same, and he always had bruises all over his arms and legs.

Peace is not a Means, it is an End

I think there is a verbose misconception in people about peace. Peace is viewed as an ideology in of itself. This belief leads to a noticeable apathy, and it is the cause of failure for every single American Anti War Movement since the 1960s.

Peace is an end, not a means. To view nonviolence as the only means to ending violence itself is just foolish. It is the height of privilege, and it is personified in the failure of the Anti War Movements.

The American Anti War Movement failed in Vietnam because it wouldn’t shut up about peace. “Give peace a chance,” “Make love not war,” it was all about adopting complacency, it was not about liberation. They promoted the illusion of liberation by espousing a dialogue founded in heteronormative sex and narcotic illusions set to a quack frame of philosophy. The Sexual Revolution was no revolution for the queer community, nor were people of color given the same liberal leeways of sexuality as their mostly white middle class counterparts, at least not until Black trans people in Stonewall started a riot. You see my point about peace yet?

The anti war movement failed two fold, Iraq and Vietnam. Vietnam’s anti war movement failed because it was blatantly lacking class consciousness, instead of supporting the sovereignty of the North Vietnamese, American liberals and hippies wouldn’t shut up about “feeling the love” and would fear Castro just as much as any conservative business suit square capitalist. It wasn’t about liberation from the masters, it was only about putting down the guns. I have a message for every American with any money to their name, it is not your place to tell the oppressed how to react to their oppression. The Anti War Movement did nothing to stop Vietnam, we were there until Saigon fell because we weren’t focused on ending imperialism, we were just talking about ending war. War is the tool of the imperialist master, this is true, therefore it is not the place of anyone who benefits from imperialism to tell the colonized how to rid themselves of their capitalist invasion.

It is not my place to tell Cubans, Palestinians, Kurds, black or brown Americans, or queer people how to liberate themselves. You would think this lesson would be learned easily by anti imperialist Americans, not so, we have repeated ourselves with our protests against the Iraq War. The entire dialogue was “no blood for oil” not “We are not your slaves, we have nothing to lose but our chains!” While their is truth that oil was the capitalists incentive to invade Iraq, focusing on the commodity and not the working people of Iraq how see none of this oil money was our mistake. Not to mention how both GOP and the DNC failed our veterans after victimizing them so in every war, many of whom only join the military because of their own stake in the class war . The Right exploits soldiers and veterans, but the Left just forsakes them, and it is one of the reasons we have so many homeless here in Sacramento and the whole nation. None of this comes into play when we say “Give Peace a Chance.”

Peace is important, it is the goal and the purpose of communism. But peace is not a means, it is an end. To achieve peace we must use any means necessary, be they non violent resistance or stringent militancy, peace is not achieved through peace itself, peace is achieved when agents are active on the March of History.

A Film Buffs Opinion of the “Content Bubble” or (Why the only new movie I saw all year was Straight Outta Compton)

I am the kind of person who loves to stay up to date on everything, especially the world of film.  I love cinema and have wanted to be a director since I was 5.  I like to be the kind of person who has seen all the good movies and all the good TV shows.  I am worried that those days will soon pass.

I think it cannot be denied we are in a content bubble.  Television, an already once seemingly endless stream of content, now literally all online as an endless stream of content. And Hollywood like always will not stop cranking out movies I feel obligated to stay up on.

People have the option now of seeing the new seasonal blockbusters and art films of days old, the option to pirate virtually any content they want, the option to pay for what is now an extortive amount of streaming services, the option to not pay for anything but indulge in free videos on youtube, or the option to be home vegging out to broadcasts or binge streaming.

The more the quality producers and channels keeping spreading there content farther and farther on more competing services, the more it will be harder for the film buff to stay on top of their game.

Now sum say this may be a good thing, but if so much content is constantly produced and constantly spread out, the audiences of each program will become smaller, and smaller, and more concentrated  and less diverse.  We risk losing the unviersal dreamscapes that are the Speilburgian traditions that have kept film alive.  Now again, a plus side of this is more work for actors and crews, the negative of this is the artists who could be movers and shakers of the medium may never get the audience they deserve.  

I am all for the consistent output of quality content, but I am also for keeping the beauty that is recognizable talent alive.  I am for the best and most talented getting their chance for the widest audience possible.  Of course, some actors show that is definitly not always the case as opposed to who you know in the industry, but still the wider audience never lets a weak talent last long in this business.  That is not an endorsement as to the objectification that has driven many, especially women and children talents, to there demises and even graves.  There are several things about the industry we must change, but they must change on the whole scale, not just case by case.  

I am not saying lets retreat to days of old, that would be ignorant and reactionary.  I am saying we need new industry standards, and we need to appreciate the universal audince as well as the concentrated ones, and we must be fair as to the delivery of content.  Many cannot afford the bills to keep hulu, netflix, yahoo, amazon, showtime, hboGo, spotify, cable, and internet all together with $15 cinema ticket prices.

The content bubble will burst, and let us hope those with true talent survive the explosion and stay in our memories.

A Hand Over the Heart Does Not Feed a Hungry Child

Our content Mass production,

due favors in south outlier

and a perisistant traveller’s call for a prayer

of peace.

Tell me kid,

did you know there was a future in such

a romaceless field?

Distracted petty feuds

as it all begins to crumble

and become rebuilt.

Violence and rhetoric

in the names of things like patriotism

and overdue acts of symbol.

But will a symbol feed a child

will a gesture heal our heroes

will condesencion change anything

and is willful idiocy to be tolerated?

Patience is indeed a virtue

but must never become a weakness.

Ignorance is not to be a social tolerant,

and spirituality is foresaken in people

who see no end to their consumption,

no problems either.

A decade to look back on

and youthful disposition is yet to change.

Why must we kill our innocence?

Can we not indulge the senses

and still open our hearts to the old truths?

I say we can.

I say that we may,

and I say that we will.


Chartered Words, Uncensored

Synonymous desperation,

sacrificing morals, principles, and an upbringing,

just to eat

and bare shelter.

The guilds and fealties of our past,

are only more passive now,

but they are still real.

Diverted funds feed me dinner,

and the shame of another sacrificed oath

is flushed along with my humors,

and vile contempt

otherwise hidden from my dependants

as a virtual scribe.


Sweet Lady of our Mass Production.

Over-packaged literature,

and mass production.

Where is our savior street artist now?

Do not patronize me,

for better or worse

there must be benevolence to art.

The romantic dialoque of the starving struggle

is no movie based happy ending.

For in real life,

the story carries on the next day.


Statements of The Modern

Broken Woes,

The Soul of Man under Socialism,

and other important childrens books.

Would banning the bible in schools

increase it’s sex appeal?

Ah, sweet blasphemy

and an anachronistic marriage,

and a lie.

Rot in jail,

or pay the ticket,

still in the end

old songs become relevant again.