The Good Thing About Trump’s Candidacy.  No Seriously…

Okay, now before I say anything else I want to stress the fact that this is NOT an endoresment.  I despise Donald Trump, I have ever since I was 12 and The Apprentice first aired.  I swear to god this is true, I got teased by my classmates for not watching the show or liking Trump, and I will always harbor a little bit of resentment to him for that fact.  Why were a bunch of 12 year olds watching that show? How the hell should I know, but that is the honest truth of how my hatred of Donald Trump started.  

Also I would like to add that the idea of him in the White House fills me with both rage and terror.  No one who ever had a reality show should be a legitimate presidential candidate, congress maybe, but the presidency!?

That being said, here is the good thing about his candidacy, because of his blatant unashamed hypocricy, racism, sexism, and flaunting of his ego and wealth, we are now forced to acknowledge the true detrimental aspects of American culture which is something that both ends of the spectrum, liberal and conservative, have swept under the rug for far too long.

For years we have heard the same arguments, “we dont need feminism anymore because women are now equals.” “Racism doesnt exist anymore.” “All rich people worked hard for what they have.” These have been ultimate lies that we have been buying as truth for far too long, because we as a society are effort minimizers and euphoria maximizers, therefore we did not want to actually acknowledge the fact that racism, sexism, and classism are still toxic aspects of our culture.  The more Trump revels in his and other people’s ignorance the more this reality will be forced into the public eye, which means we can finally begin a legitimate dialogue addressing these issues, instead of just ignoring them to keep our lives complacent and stagnant.

Now, I’m sure eventually Trump will fall.  How, I don’t know, but the fact that more people are coming out of the woodwork as both adamently against his remarks or adamently in favor of his remarks is important because the truth is Trump’s candidacy is a living embodiment of everything wrong with America that we have refused to talk about.  It is however just bizarre that it took a pompous poorly literate meglomaniac with a bad haircut and a crappy now de-funked reality show to get us to talk about them.  Yeah, again, NOT an endorsement.


One thought on “The Good Thing About Trump’s Candidacy.  No Seriously…

  1. I’m no fan either but think your way off. Trump’s popularity is a simple and absolute disdain for the political status quo. Some Washington nose in the air big shot the other day said that Trump’s crass behavior/attitude/language/ etc etc is infecting politics. Well I sure hope so – something needs to infect politics. If this is what it takes to give the status quo in Washington heart attacks then Go Donald Go.

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