Yes, Josh Duggar is a prick, and I have more important things to worry about ( a rant)

Omg, yes Josh Duggar is a POS & I feel bad for his wife blaming herself, but the more you attack him the more you are distracting from a real dialogue. Talk about the fact he isn’t in jail for molesting his sisters which personifies our rape culture, but don’t waste your time savoring this celebrity tabloid crap. While we are fighting about the Duggars, there are still people being denied marriage licenses despite a supreme court ruling and women in Somalia are getting their genitals mutilated. Okay? think about that for a minute.
Seriously, no one of any respectable merit actually respects or takes the Duggar’s seriously anyway.  The people who do are idiots like Mile Huckabee or Michelle Bachman, two people so deep in denial in the closet they are finding christmas presents.

That being said, I really do feel sorry for his poor wife.

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