Dear fellow “men” who harass the women in my life

According to FB, 3 women I know, 2 of which are family, have been harassed in the last week. Please excuse me as I suppress my rage at my own gender, humanity, and the world for a bit.
Fellow men, we need to do something about this, number 1 is STOP HARASSING PEOPLE ON THE STREET! and number 2 is stop being friends with people who catcall and harass women on the street, and number 3 is to kick anyones ass you see committing street harassment.

I feel with those three as our priorities, we can really do a lot of good and help women to feel safe when they do something simple and everyday like, oh say, walk down the street?

And I have a message for any man that, harasses, bullies, or rapes, and that is, YOU ARE NOT A MAN AND YOU NEVER WILL BE! REAL MEN DONT NEED TO DOMINATE OTHERS TO FEEL LIKE A MAN! A Man, or anyone for that matter, should have control, dominance and knowledge over themselves, not be attempting to dominate others because it will never be enough.  Sure, you feel good for a bit because you told my cousin or my sister or my friends what you would do to their bodies and got away with it, but what happens when that feeling fades?  You’ll start to realize how pathetic and empty you are again, and then you’ll harass someone else, and then….. do you see the cycle of the problem here?

Plus, ever single one of you has a mother, maybe you should go and ask your mom about her own harassment stories.  I guarantee she has at least one and it will break your heart and fill you with indescribable rage.

And lastly I would like to say, if my post has changed your ways and you vow not to ever harass again, FUCK YOU. IT SHOULD NOT TAKE THE WORD OF ANOTHER MAN TO GET YOU TO TREAT WOMEN WITH RESPECT! 

Seriously, fuck you people.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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