Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders, a curious way to create dialogue

Interesting fact, one of the interuptors was an adement Palin supporter in 2008.  Yet what I find most interesting is Sanders has been more of a target than Clinton, who actually dodges talking about racialization in our society or at least she sugarcoats it with rhetoric any time she seems to. 

I’m not going to diss the interruptors or question their motives or tactics because I’m for the black lives matter movement, and its a valid question as to what his actual policies will be to combat racism. I’m just curious as to why they target literally the only candidate running who was an actual participant of the civil rights movement, it is a little bizarre to me.

That’s my take on it, I’m still very pro Sanders and pro Black Lives Matter, but I can’t understand why Sanders is targeted more than the Republicans or Clinton.

That being said, this intruption has sparked an important dialogue that does need to happen within the left wing of the political spectrum, agree or disagree on the tactics and motives all you want, it can’t be argued that its important to actually have this dialogue, polarized though it is.

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3 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders, a curious way to create dialogue

  1. They targeted him in Seattle because he allowed them to. Clinton’s secret service agents would have arrested protesters like the ones in Seattle. Bernie’s people gave them the stage and the mic. Similar to the Occupy Wall Street movement, BLM may end up dissolving if it cannot identify and rally around some sane leadership.

    1. A very interesting point. You are right that he did give them a chance to speak whereas other candidates would not have tolerated any kind of resistance. Plus his released platform today on combating racism shows he does in fact listen to the public, which kind of just makes him more appealing to me.

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