Dear Unoriginal Jerk, Comedy isn’t dying, you are

To the assholes of the internet, tedious talk radio shows and podcasts, and low brow pandering comedians who insist that “Comedy is dying,” because of “Political Correctness,” I have to inform you that no, comedy is not dying, it’s evolving.

Despite the problems our culture faces, one factor that has continually been demonstrated in the United States is one of progress.  Sometimes it can be, and ussually is, so slow that it is enfuriating, but we are about progress.  We went fromhaving slavery to freeing our slaves, we went from only men voting to everyone voting.  We are a culture that sees a problem, takes forever arguing about it, then finally does something about it.  That is what we are seeing, and it reflects in the fact the best comedians are no longer angry, offensive, hateful, ignorant jerks like Andrew Dice Clay or Carlos Mencia, but are of pragmatic subversive intellectuals like Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart, Kristen Schall (or basically anyone from Bobs Burgers).  The amount of forward thinking that comes from our comedy is astounding, and one will notice the comedians getting consistent and respectable work today are ones who acuratly and fairly representing the times and the people we live in, they no longer can get by with rants or insults that are quite frankly degrading to the human spirit.

And when I say insults I’m not talking about the comedy of the likes of Don Rickles, who is in fact one of the greatest minds of comedy.  No, I’m talking about mr. “I’m so hilarious I can say everything I want to do sexually to someone on twitter and call it free speech” or mr. “lets vote for Trump since he isnt afraid to say what he thinks.” The people who think that calling a random celebrity a “fat pig” and snickering into his usb mic in between his breaks from flipping back and forth from an episode of Vikings and porhub.

I have news for you Mr. “Thanks Obama meme hijacker.” Comedy is not dying, you are.  The fact that carlos mencia got cancelled while The Daily Show, Broad City, Workaholics, even Chappelle show have thrived or continue to thrive demonstrates that it takes more than whooping it up at offensive overgenralizations to get the public amused and on your side anymore. 

Now that isnt to say there arent infectious microsphylics spreading “relatable” panderings online like the boys of Magcon or King Bach or Britney Furlan, but what is amusing is these people seem trapped in their medium and demographic, as new online media arises so will new stars and so will the others burn out.

There is a reason Andrew Dice Clay and Carlos Mencia are living jokes while Amy Schumer is a fast rising star.  It is because of progress.  20 years ago gay people having a wedding was a cooky episode of friends, now its the law of the land whether or not the Grand offensive Party wants to acknowledge it.  This is just one of the areas where we have made current strides.  

So, instead of whinning that comedy is dying or that you cant just get cheap laughs from insulting undeserving innocents like Rosie o Donell anymore, why dont you come up with some material that actually requires you to think, or rather just shut the fuck up because the chances are you aren’t funny anyway.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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