In the Defense of a Kardashian; Why it’s pointless to hate celebrities

Look, I get it.  Bieber, Iggy Azela, The Jenner / Kardashians, and several others, are probably huge jerks.  The ego can only take so much bombartment of attention on the senses before a pompous self serving attitude comes to fruition.  Yet who among us can say we wouldn’t possibly be the same way in similar circumstances.  We don’t know who we really are until we’ve lived through or at least tried to empathize with any situation.

And I should note I am guilty of wasting time hating on famous people to, simply because I hate their content.  I wasted many hours on anti Nash Grier, Bach, and Britney Furlan vines.

But here is the thing, to start, they are actually people.  I mean it’s easy to hate the Kardashians when they are just images on our tv and computer screens, but it’s kind of a different story when you realize that’s a real person your wishing death upon just because you find them annoying or materialistic.  Especialy ever since Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, I think her change has humanized her family in the eyes of the public in a huge way.

But to be honest, that is beside the point.  The real point is that while we hate on these celebrities, ISIS is destroying the beatuiful history of the middle east, hundreds of women in somalia and several other countires will get their clits cut off as we speak, & 11 trans people have already been murdered in the US (that we know of).  

While you whine about Caitlyn Jenner taking an award from a soldier, thousands of other soldiers go unfed, homeless, or mentally ill until they take the easy way out.  As I made those anti Nash Grier vines attacking his homophobia and Islamicphobia, the instiutionalized Islamicphobia & homophobia was perpetuated by our society.  While you were annoyed Justin Bieber instagrammed his ass to the world, another Wall Street cretean ruined another families life and made a killer profit.  When we were shocked Arianna Grande could say something offensive about America, more Americans died at the hands of our own police or at the barrel of an unworthy man’s gun.

My point being, yes, diva personalities and self obsessed celebrity is tedious, but by getting mad at those people who are more concerned with celebrity news, and even worse, getting mad at the celebrities themselves, is just not worth it.  The truth is you are distracting from the dialogue just as much as the distractors.  

Yes, it is easier said than done to just say “Ignore it.”  I’m not saying ignore it because the fact is we live in society where that’s almost impossible, what I am saying is don’t react to it, until it becomes trully offensive to humanity.

Like Bill Cosby, or Woody Allen, or Roman Polanski, I think we are at a point where its okay to say, “Fuck these assholes, they deserve whatever is coming.”  But let’s remember, they actually committed crimes that make humans ashamed of our overall humanity, the Kardashians just have more money than us.  I’m not saying that doesn’t suck, but I got bigger things to worry about than any celebrity doing anything, unless its serial or pedophilic rape.

So, now that we got that out of the way, can we please talk about those women in Somalia now?  Can we please talk about Sandra Bland and Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin?  Can we talk about the people in middle America who are loosing their children to the state over cannabis use? CAN WE PLEASE FUCKING TALK ABOUT IT!?


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