new story coming soon, TRASH OF THE GODS, dedicated to Richard

A new, 11 part story will be coming to this blog soon, Trash of the Gods, a novelization based on a real person I knew.  

My good friend Richard was one of the smartest, most talented mind I ever knew in my youth.  But because of a few bad decisions of his and a demonstration in poor judgement, he was killed before the world ever got a chance to see what he was capable of.  Although I will, say in the 22 years he was alive on this earth he did more living than any of us.  The story is loosely based on him but the character of Robert is my conjuring of the Richard I remembered, the Richard I miss, the Richard I could have helped, the Richard we all should have helped.

Because in truth, there are thousands like Richard, talented, addicted, and constantly surrounded by harsh people making our harsh world even harsher, even when we call them friends and family.  This story is for them, for the boys and girls who dont know their true worth, to the boys who don’t understand manhood and the girls who understand it all to well.

To the people who have had lives destroyed because of a few mistakes, to the people with more talent than they’d like to show, to them I dedicate my new story.
Trash of the Gods will publish the intro & first chapter TOMORROW!

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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