If I were President I would fight hateful dogma, or, FREEDOM OF RELIGION DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DISCRIMINATE

If i were president & judges & clerks still pulled this BS about giving out marriage licenses to gay

couples after a supreme court decision, I’d threaten to cut any federal funding I could to any state that still employs people who commit such an act, then I would call in the national guard of each state, station them outside the courthouses of said states and any couple, gay or straight, would receive a marshall & soldier escort, and any civil servant who refused still to issue licenses, yeah no one is going to refuse giving out a marriage license if your escorted by a cop & a soldier, just saying
Now, Barack Obama, Eisenhower had to call in the National Guard to maintain integration in the south, something that assured that you and other people could have a chance to be in the position you are in no matter what race.  The time must come for you to do that same favor for the modern civil rights movement.  Send the message, intolerance in the federal & judicial system will no longer be tolerated.  Call in the National guard in Alabama, Kentucky, and anyone else who is stupid enough to forget what happened the last time the south ignored the rule of Law.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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