The New Journalism, or Is the mainstream media dying? Possible Proof of the dawn of a new Media for a new age.

Only in America could a canditate earn record-level donations and raising poll numbers and get only a fraction of the coverage of a canditate who is not only not competant enough to be president, but is a hateful genderist.
CNN, Fox News, and a majority of the mainstream media that has yet to find an approriate audience with the net savy progressive and often millenial underground that holds up this society don’t look into stories that don’t serve their agenda.  It is the growing populist network that seems to be the only ones taking Bernie Sander’s seriously as a canditate.  I can’t tell if the media really believe the American public is actually dumb enough to elect Donald Trump, if they are just covering his idiocy for the sake of sensationalist and opprotunist ratings, or both at the same time.

  Considering the ego the media has continued to demonstrate their agenda and perpetuate ignorance through ignoring the racialization of our policeforce and justice system, the oppression of sexuality, and the anachronistic genderist mysoginy of our society as a whole, this might be their ego’s last stand.

The fact is more people support Bernie Sanders than they do Donald Trump, and the mainstream media is either unaware of the fact or ignoring it because they don’t want to admit their format, their message, and outlook are all dying ones.  The public controls information now, as long as the net stays open and free of course, and if that’s true then the people who once controlled information don’t control shit anymore.

Christian or not, pride does always come before the greatest of falls.  This may be the end of the self serving media and the return to a media that serves the public.  Or it could be the last fall of a socialist who is giving American politics one last progressive hope before capitalism kills us all.  Only time, votes, and the goddamn also obsolete electoral college, will decide.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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