The shows of my youth make me feel unclean as an adult (a confession)

When I was 12 I loved the Cosby Show. When I was 13 I enjoyed the Girls Next Door and revered men like Hugh Hefner.

Bill Cosby, the “family” comedian is a serial rapist, and appaerently Holly Madison was so miserable with Hugh Hefner and he was so manipulative that she wanted to kill herself. 

Can I have those hours I spent watching these shows back? I keep trying to scrub the shame off but they don’t make water hot enough.  

Let me also say that we as a culture need to stop enabling our entertainers to treat women like objects simply because we at one point enjoyed their work.  The fact that Cosby & Hefner are finally getting called out is the sign that women are standing their ground and we should join them in solidarity.  

Playboy uses women to sell magazines, something by the way which is more exploitative than pornography, yes I said it a woman has more autonomy in porn than in Playboy.  Bill Cosby just uses women, literaly, as play things.

The saddest part is they are not the only ones behaving this way, they are just ones getting called out.  Several men & women like them represent a dying part of our culture that makes excuses to subjecate women and use them to move products, like a an antifeminist rag leftover from the Mad Men era or a crappy reality show.

The fact Holly Madison and the victims of Bill Cosby are standing their ground so adimentaly is one we must all admire and incorporate into our own lives. No matter what race or gender we must stand as a society, nay as a species, with these women to send the message that human beings are not capital, we will not be used anymore.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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