Me Eating My Words

Originally I was saying if Bernie Sanders did not win the nomination I was not going to vote this election as an act of protest against out lack of choice within the system.  This is no longer the case. 

While her candadacy does not excite me, if I must I will vote for Hillary.  As much as I expect little to no change as far as the real enemies are concerned, corporations and warfare, we cannot let the republicans win.  The attacks on women’s bodies is unexcusable and their rights of choice is constantly under attack by the republicans, and while I can appreciate anti government rhetoric, what I cannot abide by is the needless politicalization of people’s personal lives, namely freedom of choice and sexuality.

  At least Hillary does not acknowedge discrimination as religious freedom, and her stance on women’s choice has always been fair. I still support Sanders but if our choice comes down to Clinton or any Republican we must choose Clinton or at least give our vote to a candidate who will stand for the rights of women and people’s gender and sexuality.  

That is how they control use, the politicalization and racialization of social issues while controlling our sexual identities. If only we could realize this fact, but until then we can at least use the lesser of two evils to do good, or at least minimalize further damage while we sharpen our pitchforks.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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