Why I Am Not Excited About Hillary Clinton, Despite Being a Feminist.

It’s not enough to just vote for the first woman president, just because you vote for a “historic” candidate doesn’t mean they’ll change shit, look at Barack Obama.  Race and gender don’t compensate for the fact people like Obama or Hillary Clinton are political insiders, inbedded with the same people and corporations who create our problems.  Don’t legitimize a vote for Hillary because she’s “lesser of two evils” if neither party represents what you believe in don’t vote for either one.  You don’t owe anyone a vote if they don’t owe you a candidate who actually represents what you believe in. The system is supposed to work for you you’re not supposed to work for the system.  Unless Hillary says she’ll fight for the environment, legalized marijuana, taxation on wallstreet, end the privatization of education, public option healthcare, & stand up to corporations/institutions like the NSA we are going to just see more of the same.  As of now I am voting for Bernie Sanders, as much as we need to elect a woman president we need to focus on policy before we focus on shallow externals such as race or gender.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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