The Story’s Answer Part 6

Evolutions artistic plunder, fort me my due free film my art my propaganda take your chair and look away to another means, ignore self free of thy fate. Here is my tale fallen  and risen. Rise chant Rise Rise Rise fate love Rise, Rise, listen fortune, to do as told but not done, never finishedContinue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 6”

The Story’s Answer Part 5

How many nights? How many hours? How many words? Efforts? Deeds? Projections? Rejections? Real and imposed, now over, now true, not repeated. This is an unknown that is even unknown so unknown the unknown knows nothing of its own unknown. Rhythm all these such no know no rest, no rest for the wicked, none forContinue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 5”

The Story’s Answer Part 4

War, no, fear, no, Crime, no,  Game! Simply game! Game for identity. Game for group and safety. Game for instinct, Game for the pursuit but not gain of truth. But what is to gain truth? What is to gain knowledge? Where is any truth? Is this my page? Is this my night? Damn this me!Continue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 4”