FACT: Bill Cosby Is A Rapist. (a short dialogue)

Bill Cosby is an arrogant rapist, the time has come to accept the fact.

“But James, we got to give people the benefit of the doubt.”

What about the 35 women, where is their benefit of the doubt?

“Well, how come they waited so long to tell this story?”

Because they knew schmucks like you would have a worse reaction than this twenty to thirty years ago. Also, the fact you even say that is proof you’re ignorant of the whole problem and of what rape actually does to a human’s psyche.

“Well, where is the proof?”

Again, 35 women. If that’s not proof enough for you, you’re an idiot.

“They probably just want his money.”

Most of these women are former industry professionals or models, people who have made very impressive livings on their own who in no way need the money. Plus only a fool would think that Cosby’s money would get them a settlement that would be big enough to satisfy 35 people. A settlement divided between 35 people would be nothing and they know it.

“But what about…”

Go fuck yourself, I’m done with this conversation. Start talking about something else or I will forget I have the word peace tattooed on my wrist and I will punch you as hard as I can in the face.

“Okay, okay.” Ponders for a moment, “You going watch that new Woody Allen show on..”

Punches him as hard as I can in the face then I walk away feeling satisfied.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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