Gramercy, Thank You’s and an Update

Hello my loyal followers, fellow authors & artists, and above all, my newfound fans!

First, let me begin by thanking you all for reading Gramercy. My website has almost gone viral and it is because of you guys reading and sharing my work. I am truly grateful for every reader and fan and I assure you all that as my 1st generation of followers and fans you will never be forgotten, and I will do my best to bring you along and share the bounty of my journey.

There are also two people I need to acknowledge specifically. Number one, my mother. Mom, I can’t thank you enough for being my editor. You not only push through my abysmal grammar errors, you are the only editor I know who will work for free. 😉 My other acknowledgement goes to my number 1 fan, my loving Grandma who even in her late 80s has resisted slowing down her fight for social justice. She note only reads everything I publish, she prints it out and saves it, to have her own personal copy. Out of all the fans I can have, she’s always going to be the best. Better than any connection or groupie, nothing compares to the fact I can make this fan proud.

That being said, I must also inform you that I will be taking a two week break for the holidays, new chapters will return in January.

The final chapter of Gramercy will be released in March, most likely.

Thanks again for reading everyone. 😀

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I'm a poet from California.

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