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Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 6

Chapter 6  Bored in Boise Jack didn’t leave Sacramento as fast as he would have liked.  He merely wandered the streets trying to find his way out, and in the process he somehow he ended up back downtown.  He decided to take in what sights he could.  He visited Old Town Sacramento and J andContinue reading “Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 6”

Art for the Sake of Art, Words for the Sake of Words

Unconsciously composed are the truth, the start of all great coordinations and compositions. Composition for the sake of itself. For the sake of rehearsal, and practice. Practice for practice overdue but now and learned. Make no mistakes by allowing mistakes. He who laughs with understands, he who laughs at dies alone. 10/18/14

Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 5

Chapter 5  To Liberate and Learn   Eventually Jack figured out he was heading North.  It took what seemed like an endless stream of days and nights for Jack to reach Sacramento, and by the time he did he had run out of his cash.  So he had to resort back to shoplifting in orderContinue reading “Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 5”