Book Review: Sex & Cupcakes

I follower her on twitter, she’s good, I’ll make sure to give this a read.

Ella Dawson

15556539042_77341e9cb0Rachel Kramer Bussel is one of those frighteningly prolific sex writers and editors who would scare the shit out of me if she weren’t so nice. I had the luck of meeting her at Catalyst Con this spring, and at the end of the night I found myself in a rowdy game of drunk Cards Against Humanity against her and a crew of sex writers, educators, and general personalities. I can’t say that I remember who won, but it was one of my favorite moments of the conference.

So when I found out RKB was working on a collection of personal essays for Thought Catalog, I knew it was a book I needed to read. Sex & Cupcakes covers all sorts of odds and ends, from her relationship with monogamy (forgive the pun, I had to) to her opinion on the sex app Spreadsheets. Some of the contributions are adapted from…

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