Roger Corman is the Edgar Allen Poe of Film

In the spirit of Halloween, what could be more perfect for today than a reflection about the original American king of Horror.  What would be even better still would be a reflection on both him and another king of horror, the B-cult movie kingpin that is Roger Corman, who was not only a fan ofContinue reading “Roger Corman is the Edgar Allen Poe of Film”

Star Stuff

What an endless thought from within our time. A new question, finally, to ponder as we turn our eyes above. “We are made of starstuff.” A humbling truth and yet liberating to. For we shine, if we so choose or if we are so helped, we shine as bright as any star 10/26/14

Gramercy : Coming November 2nd

Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis, premieres it’s first chapter in 2 WEEKS!!! You better mark your calendars, this is going to be my best story yet. One day Jack Lewis, and emotionless repeat felon, decides to escape prison by simply walking out the front door.  What ensues is a series of social adventures that forceContinue reading “Gramercy : Coming November 2nd”